Retread Process

Our retread process starts with a thorough initial inspection of casings for cuts, punctures, air pockets and other damage, and casings are repaired if necessary. Then casings are scanned for separations that might affect performance, and the tires are buffed to remove the old, worn tread design. Damaged materials are removed and final repairs are made. New tread rubber is bonded to the casing at low temperatures to avoid stress and distortion. Then a final inspection is performed to ensure the tire is in perfect operating condition.

A PDF of the Retread Process is available by clicking here

Bandag Warranty

Every tire retreaded and/or repaired by the Bandag process at a franchised Bandag dealer comes with a 4-year warranty for workmanship or materials failures, and a 2-year warranty for casing defects. If those types of failures should occur, a credit will be issued toward the price of a comparable Bandag retread.

Bandag Challenge

We’re so confident that Bandag’s application-specific retreads will deliver a lower operating cost than the competition that we’ll put money on it. With the Bandag Challenge, we’ll help you determine your cost savings when using Bandag application-specific retreads. And any savings not in your favor will be refunded to you. Here’s how it works:

  • In a comparison test, we’ll use two similar vehicles in your fleet that run similar routes, and mount application-specific Bandag retreads on one of them.
  • We’ll help you track the performance of the tires on both vehicles, then record the data in our Mileage Tracker.
  • At the end of the comparison test, you can check the results and see the cost savings you’ll get with Bandag retreads.
The Bandag Challenge is free, and we guarantee that any cost savings not in your favor will be refunded by Bandag.